GEF konferencija “Green New Deal Best Practices in Baltic Sea Region”

Š.m. lapkričio 23 dieną (penktadienį), adresu Latako gatvė. 3, Vilnius, vyks konferencija pavadinimu “Green New Deal Best Practices in Baltic Sea Region”.

Dalyvavimas nemokamas.


Programa pateikta žemiau (anglų kalba)


11:00h – 11:15h Introduction

Alexey Kozlov, on behalf of Green European Foundation and ECOSOCIS


11:15h – 12:45h GND best practices in Lithuania

Virginija Vingriene (Lithuanian Green Party): Eco-gardening in suburb Pilaite (Vilnius);

Dalius Jurkevicius (Lithuanian Association of Straw Houses): Initiative of Straw Houses in Lithuania;

Vitas Maciulis (JSC “Arginta”): Development of Solar PV systems in Lithuania;

Vitalijus Kavaliauskas: (Lithuanian Wind Power Association): Small Wind Projects in Lithuania;

Session chaired by Saulius Piksrys, (Lithuanian Green Party)


12:45h – 13:00h Break


13:00h -14:00h GND best practices in Belarus

Petr Filon Restore of used tires in Gomel region. Perspectives development of private business.

Dmitriy Kuchuk, Ecaterina Lappo: (Belarus Greens) Experience of involvement the private business in waste management in Belarus. Example of waist-sorting station “Western”, Minsk

Artur Bondarev, Anstsiya Darafeyeva: (Belarus Greens) Construction of energy efficient private houses in rural area in Minsk and Vitebsk region

Session chaired by Alexey Krivolap, (Belarus Greens)


14:00h – 15:00h – Lunch


15:00h – 15:20h GND best practices in Sweden

Lari Pitkä-Kangas, (Mayor of Malmö, Swedish Greens), Green strategies for a sustainable city – experience from the City of Malmö


15:20h – 16:00 GND best practices in Estonia

Marek Strandberg (Chairman of the Council Estonian Greens) Estonian Green Economy Experience and Forecasts

Katrin Idla (Member of the Council, Estonian Greens) AAU Programs. Design, Results and Experience


16:00h-16:30h GND best practices in Russia

Vladimir Slyviak (Ecodefense) Wind Energy in Kaliningrad Region

Rashid Alimov (Greenpeace-Russia) Garbage utilization in Saint-Petersburg

16:30h – 16:45h Closing of the conference

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