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The participants of the Baltic Network of the European Green Party – coming from Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden – meeting in Budapest in April 2, 2011, are moved by the tragedy in Japan and its disastrous impact on the nuclear power plant of Fukushima, which puts lives and health of thousands of people at risk and proves again that nuclear power plants puts human beings to same danger as the nuclear weapons. In the light of unfortunate nuclear tragedies of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima and others, we are worried about the latest statements of Mr. Alexander Lukashenko the President of Belarus, Mr. Vladimir Putin the Prime Minister of Russian Federation, Mr. Andrius Kubilius the Prime Minister of Lithuanian Republic and Mr. Donald Tusk the Prime Minister of Poland confirming continuation of nuclear power plant developments in Belarus, Kaliningrad District, Lithuania and Poland. If these plans will materialize, four new nuclear power plants will put in danger millions of people in the Baltic region.

Having regard to danger of nuclear power, to the high social-economic real costs of nuclear projects, to the unsolved problems of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, to the huge potential of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the region and to the negative public opinion concerning development of nuclear power, we urge the governments of Belarus, Russian Federation, Lithuania and Poland to stop their nuclear ambitions and to shift countries energy policies towards implementation of sustainable energy scenarios, based on installation of renewable energy and introduction of energy efficiency measures.

We call on the governments of Belarus, Russian Federation, Lithuania and Poland to start an fair and open public debate on the energy policy in their countries. We believe that substantial investments in energy efficiency programmes and in the development of renewable energy sector would be a more efficient way to meet countries’ energy needs in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. We warn that such geopolitically based dangerous projects incites enmity between the countries and nations, which can result in a freeze in relations among the states and negative economic consequences. We call on the governments to make decisions on the energy policies based not on geopolitical games but on environmental and social impact assessments.

We hope that common sense will take a lead and current and future generations in the Baltic Region will stay surrounded by peace, safety and a healthy environment.

On Behalf of the Baltic Network of the European Green Party:

Beata Maciejewska, coordinator of the Baltic Greens’ Network, member of the national board of Polish Green Party Zieloni 2004; contact:

Alexey Kozlov, member of the Committee of the European Green Party,

Contact in Lithuania:
Iveta Balciuniene vice chairperson of political party Lithuanian Green Movement
Saulius Piksrys vice chairperson of political party Lithuanian Green Movement

Contact in Belarus:
Alexei Krivolap, Belarusian greens party

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